Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Final Preparations...

Every time I think about Thanksgiving dinner I have images of huge banquet tables in industrial spaces softly lit by bistro lights and an old wood stove heating the open drafty room. I don't know why, not one of my Thanksgivings ever came close to resembling this image. They were quaint and cozy and never breached double digits in attendees. I'm not complaining, but this image remains the inspiration for most of my work in the kitchen (and now here onto this blog). This is the party I'm continually trying to host and create menus for. Maybe it'll be the setting for the first Dressing on the Side Dinner Jubilee...

As the hours tick down to Thanksgiving I'm hit with the fact that this year I'm cooking for three. And that's okay, too. Tonight I'll be mashing sweet potatoes and prepping so I can plant myself in front of the Macy's Parade with the world's biggest cup of coffee.

Do you prep before the big day? I hope whatever you do that you're cozy and with good friends and enough food to pop a button off of your pants (but lets get real, we all see you unfastening under the table before the dessert course...)

Happy Thanksgiving Friends...

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