Friday, July 8, 2011

Monkey Bowl...

makeshift monkey bowl in Jersey (note: that fork is actually plastic!)

Mornings around here can be slow going some days and since I'm responsible for the preparation of 99% of our meals, I can be slow going in the morning, too. On occasion I can beg and plead to Dane for breakfast and can get him to whip up an egg or two...but recently all I've been craving is a big bowl of fresh fruit.  When it comes to fruit I'm hardly picky---so I have had him assemble a breakfast that I now refer to as a 'monkey bowl' due to its resemblance to something you might feed to the chimps at the zoo.  Bananas, berries, name it, I'll take it...piled high in a bowl and topped with a little bit of honey...or if you're really feeling sweet, brown sugar.  Paired with some early morning sun and a barrel of coffee, I've got the sweetest perfect morning. 

mornings aren't always Ranger's thing...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nailed down...

Summer is the best time of year to try out bright shades without looking like you dug your paws into some finger paint.  Here I featured a wink and a nudge to the July 4th holiday by adding a hint of blue (remember, my toes are still All Lacquered Up red). Here I've used OPI's summer bright No Room for the Blues. If you enjoy some sparkle this shade is complimented by OPI's Last Friday Night blue glitter from the Katy Perry collection. What colors are you sporting this week? Did you do anything patriotic with your nails or makeup this weekend?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day

Wherever your travels take you today, Happy 4th of July! I hope your day is filled with sunshine & sunscreen, popsicles & hotdogs, slip'n'slides & crashing waves and the magic that comes with firework shows. 

 image via Glamour

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Go Fourth!

How are you dolls celebrating this fourth of July weekend? Are you sporting a stars and stripes bikini along a coast, hitting the mall for holiday deals, eating some festive fare, or just hanging out in some all-American cutoff shorts?  We had red, white and blue waffles for breakfast yesterday to show our patriotic side and I'm considering recreating this unexpecting flag cake spotted on Glorious Treats.  After hosting a few friends last night for the UFC fights, I'm enjoying my day off today and plan on lazily making my way poolside for the afternoon.  A viewing of Independence Day might be in order accompanied by zucchini fries & homemade pizza. Where ever your weekend takes you, be safe!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Festive frocks...

This weekend you'll be tempted by flag inspirations taken a little too literally  in the forms of logo-ed t-shirts, stars & stripes swim suits, and far too cliche cheap "festive" clothing options.  This is great if you are under the age of 10. If you have since graduated to big girl panties, it's time to graduate to big girl festive attire.  No, I'm not Canadian or a foreigner to America in any sense--I just think you can be patriotic WITHOUT looking like you've just picked up unstructured, unflattering remnants of Uncle Sam's hats.  

A few ideas for you to be festive and flirty this weekend while barbecuing or watching fireworks.

Bright and Short : Whitney Port does it right here in a bright, short little number paired with flat sandals and a simple bag.  She's cute, festive, and NOT wearing any flags. Talk about an easy, breezy up and go outfit!

Back to Basics: Maybe you're not doing anything too crazy or festive this weekend. Go back to basics but keep them polished and in all-American hues. Take note of this simple outfit; grey tee, jean shorts, gladiator sandals, and a printed headscarf. Throw on some shades and you're ready for where ever your long weekend takes you. 
image by Akira Ruiz  via A Cup of Jo

Make a statement (besides "I pledge allegiance"): If you are dying to go red, white & blue for the weekend (which I do understand...) try color blocking or print mixing.  This blue jersey dress from Asos is the perfect  base for this weekend and you can wear it long into the fall (layered with greys, browns, and burnt oranges). Her gold sandals make this backyard or big crowd friendly, and a red cross body bag would be the perfect addition to show your patriotic side and be equally functional to keep you hands free all weekend long. Hello hotdog eating contests...!

 Whatever you wear, be comfortable and chic...and ladies-please, don't forget the SPF.