Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lovely Living...

What a whimsical neighborhood to live in, where I'd imagine every walk home is a pleasurable adventure.   

What are you day dreaming about?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy trails...

Holiday weekends have a knack for escaping us  and dropping us into reality in the blink of an eye. One minute we're on a beach, umbrella-ed drink in hand, and the next--back to the hustle bustle of every day life with only the pain of skin too burnt brushing against car doors or chaffing from the weight of sand filled luggage reminding us of what once was.  While I didn't travel to any exotic locales (hey, I do live in a beach town afterall!) this weekend, I did soak up some sun and find myself sticky with aloe vera gel in hopes of soothing the results of a few too many hours in the sun.  If I were traveling home today, these would be my picks for a cozy-chic ride home.

With denim cut-offs (or skirt) as a base, I've added a vintage inspired hoodie to cut the chill of a car air conditioning system (we did decide we've all had enough sun for the weekend...windows up!), neutral moccasins for chilled toes (or rest stop breaks!), and a printed scarf big enough to double as a blanket, head scarf (in case we decide windows down for a sunset ride home), or a sarong for one last walk along the beach.

What are your favorite travel pieces after a vacation or weekend getaway?

vintage cab image by Elizabeth Messina via kathryn's san francisco wedding

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fashion Don't : Cranky Pants.

Two unexpected car repairs, 90 degree temperatures (Carolina can be so harsh), moving the last bits from our old apartment..including an extremely awkward to carry sleeper loveseat, left us with our cranky pants not only on, but belted up night and tight.  We decided to cool things down tonight with a late evening impromptu date after a meeting for our upcoming wedding.  We drank seasonal mojitos (strawberry for me, pineapple for Dane), ate chips and  fresh salsa, and remembered all the reasons why we're getting married in the first place.  Sometimes after trying days it's nice to celebrate the small things, today, it was surviving with ten fingers and toes each.

Ocean B.L.A.S.T taco, that's bacon lettuce avacado shrimp + tomato.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Burning House

Today I came across one of the most fascinating things I have ever encountered in my 19 years surfing the internet.  Everyone at some point or another has been faced with the question, "What would you save if your house were burning?"  While many of us ponder this question, we are faced with a conflict that is often not easily (or possibly ever) resolved.  When absolutely forced to make a definitive decision however,a certain truth I think is revealed.  The answer not only enlightens us as to what might hold the most monetary, sentimental, or practical value..but also into a less obvious realm of dream and possibility.  The items chosen that might not fit neatly into one of the three most obvious categories, but the things that we hold onto that remind us of the life we could be living... for better, or for worse.   The Burning House is a blog that photographically archives what people have decided would be worth saving--for value, as you will see, is not a universal language.

Beyond Dane & Ranger, I can't say for certain which things in my house I truly would consider irreplaceable...that would take some thought.  In the meantime, I'll keep away from the matches.

image:  Hannah Queen via The Burning House

Monday, May 23, 2011

Stay cool...

With heat indexes into the high 90s, a broken air conditioner AND driver side window crank (as previously noted: i am indeed living the glamorous life) it's inevitable that I will be sweating like a whore Arnold Schwarzenegger in church all the way to work and back. I'll be taking the long way while sipping iced water and dreaming of Alaskan cruises...(and possibly a fleeting thought of some hunks from Deadliest Catch).  What tips do you have for staying cool during sweaty summer commutes?

{image one, image two}

Friday, May 20, 2011

away we go...

image "Praia Piquinia 11/08/10 12h15" by Christian Chaize available 20 x 200

With Memorial Day fast approaching, the summer's long weekends aren't far behind.  The freedom that comes with one extra weekend day is what helps us make it through those bitter cold winter days.  And away we go--on vacations and long weekends, to beach houses and mountain cabins, and great American road trips filled with filling station snacks and too many old billboard chart toppers to name.  For me, summer is ball games, boardwalks, and old fashioned water ice.  Those summer nights at the Jersey shore that promise the stickiness of a melting custard cone and the metalic smell of quarters lingering on your fingers long after the arcade games have been shut down for the night.  Packing light, functional, and flirty is the key for any successful weekend getaway and these are a few things I think any girl shouldn't leave home without.

A straw fedora to shade your face on the beach and tame the your wild mane after a day of salt breezes. Courtesy of Lands End Canvas.

A white, crocheted top for wearing over bikinis or one pieces--or out for a casual night by Sam & Lavi via Piperlime.

Cut off denim shorts in "deep ocean" by Free People via Piperlime.

Silver Women's Glitter TOMS.

Calypso for Target straw tote.

Product Image
Away we go....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

White hot...

I'm not sure I can recall when I've ever craved a white shoe, let alone a white stilletto--but J.Crew has nailed it with this gorgeous design.  I love the curved lines that just look like they would cradle freshly pedicured toes for hours on end. While available in other colors, none hold the impact of the white. This shoe can go with anything  fancy after 5pm including a great glass of reisling or a skinny girl margarita.

J,Crew  ($235.00)